Creativity stARTs here


Art class will cover standards-based content which will emphasize on cultivating student’s skills that includes creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Projects will encompass different aspects of art that will connect with the elements and principles of design and your child will learn about different artists and art techniques.


“Anything You Can Imagine Is Real” ~ Pablo Picasso




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~ You can encourage your child to do any extra drawing and painting that they like or do observational drawing, for example:

  • Using any found object, they can observe and draw what they see, such as a pencil, spoon or an apple.

  • Go outside and explore nature, they can observe anything they see and draw.

  • Or after reading a book, they can draw a character or draw part of the story using their imagination.


~ See below are also some fun educational YouTube channels and websites which you can use for some ideas for drawing or engaging videos for all! 😀

Scratch Garden - Educational Videos for Kids.

Art For Kids Hub - A family YouTube channel for follow along drawing.

The Kid Should See This - Smart art related videos for curious minds of all ages.