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Our teachers and staff provide differentiated learning activities in large group, small group and individualized settings. They are a close-knit and supportive community of experienced educators who are life-long learners. They have high standards for students and themselves. 

Staff has had training in STEM, outdoor classrooms, St. Kate's University-Project Globe and ECO Stars, MN DNR and US Fish and Wildlife Service, Project Wild, Visual Thinking Skills, Future Problem Solving (Gifted/Talented) and MN Book Arts. 

Classroom Teachers

Grades K-5 teacher listing with class websites, room numbers and voicemail numbers.

Specialist Teachers

Students at Northrop Community School receive a well-rounded and challenging education, in part due to the specialist areas that are an integral piece of the overall curriculum.  Beginning in kindergarten, students are educated by specialist teachers in the areas of visual arts, music, STEM (science/technology/engineering/mathematics) and physical education.

From kindergarten through 5th grade, students are exposed to and taught foundational skills in each area and are challenged to continually build on their skills, knowledge, and creativity.  In each specialist area, there are unique projects, programs, and featured events that highlight students’ learning.  We have the Science Night in the Winter, and Field Day and Music Concerts in the Spring.   Student artwork fill the halls of Northrop throughout the year and student artwork is featured on the cover and as inserts in the students' yearbook. 



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Avion Sookdeo




Physical Education

Charles Erlandson


Room 28

Voicemail: 612-668-9611



Amy Meenk




STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Anna Whiting


Room 108A

Voicemail: 612-692-0930

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Office Staff

Principal, Secretary, Health, Engineers, Food Service, PTA

Educational Support Staff

EL Teacher, Differentiation Specialist, Math Support,  Speech, Educational Assistants, Associate Educators,  MPLS Kids, Special Education Staff.