Welcome Northrop Families!


Welcome Back to School 3rd Graders!


I am SO excited to learn and grow with you this year! Even though, this year will look, sound, feel a little different than we are used to, we can be our best selves to make this year a fabulous and fun year of learning and working together :) 




Upcoming Events

TUESDAY SEPT. 8th- First Day of School!

At 9:10 AM, please join Ms. Olson and the class on Google Meets using classroom code- olson101


News and Announcements

Hello Wonderful Families of Room 101, 

I'm so excited for our year together. Email is going to be our best way to communicate and to stay updated. Feel free to roam around our website to get an idea of what material we willbe covering this year.

We will also be using-

Google Meets- For LIVE whole class lessons, whole class meetings, small group learning/support, 1:1 support

Seesaw- for student assignments/work, teacher/parent feedback on student work, announcements regarding daily schedule or classroom assignments

Clever- one stop shop for students to access Seesaw, Gmail, Dreambox, Lexia and many more resouces that we will be using this year.

Gmail- student/teacher private communication tool

Please as always, reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or need ANYTHING. I am available via email, text, or call (612-888-4714)

Please let your child know that I will miss them greatly during this time apart! 

Be safe, Be well, Namaste, 

- Ms. Olson




Please encourage your child to login to Dreambox at least 60 minutes a week. You can access Dreambox via Clever



Please encourage your child to login to Lexia at least 60 minutes a week. You can access Lexia via Clever



Stay tuned for lessons/activities during "Distance Learning"

In the meantime, if you would like to do lessons at home, click here for engaging lessons you can teach at home. 



In addition to Math and Reading packets and online learning, your scholar can practice...

  • Handwriting Skills- Please see document below that will guide your scholar through printing letters. Please let me know when you are finished with this, and I can send you the next step which would be cursive! 
  • Typing Skills- Please see document below that will guide you on how to log onto Typing Club! I can track their progress online, so let me know if they choose to get started with this :) 
  • Nature Observation Skills- Please encourage your child to spend time in Nature! Please see document below for a simple observation sheet that they can complete in a Nature Notebook. 
PDF Link to Math Packet   --  Please encourage your child to complete at least 3 activities from each page if they'd like some extra practice on 3rd grade Math skills.
PDF Link to Reading Packet   --  Please encourage your child to complete this packet for extra practice on reading skills.
PDF Link to Handwriting Packet   --  Please use this packet to help your child practice their handwriting skills. They will need an adult to check their work and hold them accountable for forming letters correctly :)
PDF Typing Club Log In Info   --  Please encourage your scholar to login to Typing Club! This is a GREAT tool for them to learn the basic skills of typing.
PDF Link to Nature Observation Sheet   --  Please use this sheet as a guide to creating a Nature Notebook with your child.
PDF Link to Student Seesaw Login Codes   --  Please use this link to access your students personal Seesaw code. Find your child's code and follow the steps below... 1. Go to https://web.seesaw.me on a computer. Or install the Seesaw Class iOS or Android app. 2. Tap “I’m a Student”. 3. Scan or type in your Home Learning code. 4. Post to your journal, respond to activities, and view class announcements. 5. Remember, this code is like a password. Keep it safe!